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The two pieces of the heart shaped box, with a Hersey Kiss inside for scale

I came to a realization this passed September 11th, far too many memorials relate to violence. I don’t begrudge those people that want to make sure we #NeverForget. The old axiom, “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it” is a worthy one. However, I wish we could #NeverForget a couple of peaceful victories as well. So this page is dedicated to that pursuit.


  • 03/12/1455
    • The First Printed Book is mentioned. This is a bit of a cheat because it’s not the day the book was printed, nor did Gutenberg actually invent movable type, but I wanted to get a mention in here that honors the first printed book. Goodbye, tedious hand-copying. Hello, easily spread knowledge. Here’s a little more info.
  • 03/26/1953
    • The Polio Vaccine was created. I feel this deserves #NeverForget because Dr. Jonas Salk refused to pattern the vaccine, thereby making it available to anyone. Here’s an interesting counter-point that says he wasn’t altruistic at all. I chose to believe that’s poppycock.
  • 08/23/1991
    •  The First Public Website goes online. The world has become smaller but more dangerous thanks to the sites and apps that now make use of this technology. But anything momumental comes with danger.  We’ve come a long way from  You can read more about it’s development here.


Love your enemies, for they tell you your faults.— Ben Franklin


Planned Parenthood LogoPlanned Parenthood

It’s unfortunate that so many people associate Planned Parenthood with only abortion. While that is, indeed, one of their services, it’s no where near the most used service. The following stats are taken from:

  • 45% = STD Testing
  • 31% = Contraception
  • 13% = Other Women’s Health Services
  • 7% = Cancer Screening and Prevention
  • 3% = Abortion
  • 1% = Other