Greetings and Salutations

My life, apparently, is brought to you by the letter B. I can explain what you’ll find on this blog (oh, look, another one…) and the next through words and phrases that begin with B.


A librarian that likes to read?  It’s actually a rarer beast than you’d think. But I am a voracious reader. You’ll find itinerant Book Reviews and a List of Lists to assist your reading adventures.


While I’ll not proselytize to you, I can not deny that personal beliefs color my scribblings. This is perhaps most apparent on The Pacifist Page you’ll see a list of non-violent things to #NeverForget.

 Bionic Ears

I got my first set of Bionic Ears (because hearing aids sound so stodgy) about thirteen years ago, but failed my first hearing test thirty years ago. I made it through school thanks to the aforementioned predilection towards reading. That menu item will reveal the occasional post on the adventures I have thanks to my hearing impairment.

Bionic Librarian

The last menu item is a link to my work-related blog,, wherein you’ll find technology related posts on such topics as the library’s 3D printer, web design, and pitfalls patrons run into crossing the Digital Divide. I used to keep those posts on this site but I got uncomfortable subjecting unexpecting folks to my personal beliefs when all they want to know is how to unjam their coin box or some other technology related task.


Thoughts? Feelings? Snide Comments?

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